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Install Linux ubuntu 12.10 on virtualbox in windows 7 (Increase Dropbox Space)


Increase Dropbox Space¬†with Virtualbox and Ubuntu for free! So I use dropbox almost religiously and it just seems wrong not to share this method with you. (Let me know whether or not there is another post covering how to Increase Dropbox Space) What you need: -Virtualbox (or some other virtual machine client) -Ubuntu (or another OS) Process: Download and install Virtualbox (the extension pack is not necessary but it’s nice ) Download the Ubuntu disk image Open Virtualbox and create a virtual machine configure the OS for Ubuntu Click the settings for the machine and set the virtual disk drive to the location of your Ubuntu disk image Start the virtual machine On the virtual machine, download and install dropbox Open dropbox but do not sign in. Save the current machine state in the machine tab on the top of the machine Close the virtual machine, make sure the “revert to saved state” box is checked Create as many dropbox accounts as you need with your referral link. You do not need multiple computers for this. Each one will give you 500MB (Pm me for an imacros script that will create all of these accounts for you ) open your virtual machine and sign in with your first account. This is the first completed referral. close the virtual machine, again, reverting to the saved state. repeat for all referral accounts ( you only need one virtual machine for all of this) Thats it! Feedback? Another way to increase dropbox space is with Fiverr.com