How To Complete Survey?

How To Complete Survey And Download File?

I am seen many users facing problem to download files because the file uploaded on survey PPD websites
So today i am decide to share my trick with you all my supports 🙂 this trick is very easy and simple
and you can download any file from any survey website easily!
So lets start our tutorial, Here we go!

What we need?
Sandboxie to complete download survey  Click here

Hotspot shield (Optional) because USA survey available many download surveys  Click here

Step 1)

Install Sandboxie

Install Hotspot shield (Optional)

Step 2)

Run Hotspot shield and connect to USA ip (Optional)

Open browser and clear all history and cookies (Optional)

Open browser with survey download link

Choose Email submit survey and fill fake information


Choose Install survey from list
Now open new tab and download fileOpen download folder where download file storeRight click on file you downloaded and run as Sandboxie

Click Ok and give permission administrator

You get installer in sandboxie of 3rd part software

Just follow all step and click agree and download it automatically and install is begin

Wait til all download and install not complete

When all install completed you download open 🙂

Your file is unlocked and its start downloading

Now open sandboxie via clicking on icon in right hand side and clear all data you installed for complete survey

You are all done!

Enjoy trick and download any file 🙂